Sunday, March 13, 2011

Competition Chicken

With the extra hour of daylight thanks to daylight savings, I decided to do a little practice on competition chicken. I followed the steps in Mister Bob's The Hog Blog for his Competition Style Chicken Thighs and in the process decided to try out four different rubs that I received from some new friends in the barbeque community.

The four rubs that I tried are as follows:

1. Gary's Seasoning - Gary's Original Blend

2. Smokin Rub - Wizzy's Smokin BBQ Rub

3. Big Ron's Rub - Just Rub It On

4. Cimarron Doc's - Rib Rub & Bar-B-Q Seasoning

Based on the overall results of the chicken, I feel that I still need some practice and I have to tweek a couple of the steps in the process, but I was fairly happy with the results.

As far as which rub I liked the best, I will start by saying that I enjoyed all of the rubs and I would be willing to use any one of them in a barbeque competition. My decision is based strictly on my personal preference. I don't want to insult anyone and I appreciate the fact that each one of these products was sent to me complimentary. To ensure that I was making a fair decision, I ate some rice and drank some beer after tasting each piece of chicken.

So, here goes:

4th. Gary's Seasoning Rub. I don't know why, but I barely tasted any rub on this piece of chicken. I will try this rub again and the next time I will apply it a little more heavily.

3rd. Big Ron's Rub. It seemed like there was a lot of black pepper in this rub. Although I liked this rub, I prefer a rub with a little less pepper. I think this rub would work better on beef.

2nd. Smokin Rub. I really liked this rub a lot. It was sweet with a little bit of heat and really good. I definitely plan on using this rub again and think it would be excellent on ribs and pork.

1st. Cimarron Doc's Rub. I don't know what it is about this rub, but it is amazing. I think the fact that it has a high sugar content makes it my personal favorite. The sugar carmelizes on the chicken and forms a nice crust with a kick. This is my rub of choice for chicken!

Below are some pictures of the cooking process.

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