Thursday, January 13, 2011

Practice makes perfect

I have to be honest and admit that my smokers have not seen a source of heat since the final competition of the 2010 bbq season last September. It has been a long, cold winter here on Long Island and the smokers are all lined up against the back of the house with a foot of fresh snow piled on top of them. It's tough to get myself motivated to fire up a smoker and do a low and slow cook when it's 25 degrees outside. However, the 2011 competition bbq season will be here before I know it and I need to practice if I want to take home a Grand Championship this season.
This past Tuesday they were calling for a big snowstorm here on Wednesday and I knew if they were right, I would have the day off from work. I figured having a day off in the middle of the week would be the perfect time to dig out one of the smokers and get in some practice, so I stopped on the way home from work on Tuesday night and picked up a 10 pound pork butt. When I got home I pulled one of my Weber Smokey Mountain smokers under the awning, filled it with fuel, got it ready for the morning, then covered it back up.
When I woke up Wednesday morning, sure enough, there was a foot of snow on the ground and still snowing. Snow day baby! I went out and lit the smoker, came back in and prepped the butt and bundled up for a long day of smoking. For some reason, the pulled pork tasted a little better this time around.

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